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Yellow Stained Glass Flowers - April 2020

This book has several patterns for making stained glass flowers.

Tricky Part

The only tricky part of making these flowers is how to make the leaves curved versus flat.

In 3D stained glass projects, one common trick is to lay the pieces flat and put black electrian's tape on the back side of the pieces. Then you flip the glass pieces over and move them to the shape you want and tack solder them so they hold that position.  Then you can lay the edges to be soldered horizontal, and fully solder them.  The same basic technique can be used to make these flowers.

I laid the taped up pieces on a roll of masking tape, then pushed down on the center with a metal flux brush. Once I got them at the curvature I wanted, I tack soldered them........then fully soldered them with joints horizontal.

It also works much better if you wrap the red center nugget in hobby lead and solder the ends, then place it in the center of the flower and tack solder it.  The other  option, which is to wrap the center nugget in foil and tin it (apply light solder layer) does not work as well and does not look as nice.

I also hobby lead versus copper foil the petals around their perimeter, it is easier and looks nicer.

I made the main plant stems by twisting hobby lead. You put 1 end in a vise, then grip the other end with pliers and twist until you get the amount of twist you like.

Also on 3D stained glass projects, often the 2 pieces of glass do not meet in a perfect joint, and the solder wants to flow through the joint. You can fix this by putting blue masking tape on the back side of the joint. The tape keeps the solder from flowing through.

I also used a piece of brass rod soldered to the back of the flower, to fit into a matching sized drill hole in the oak block.

Finished Yellow Flowers

Closing thoughts on this Project

For stained glass projects, these flowers are relatively easy and little man-hours of labor to make.

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