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Wooden Push Lever or Pancake Lock 


This next lock is unique.  It opens by simply pushing the key into the bottom of the do not have to turn the key.  Hopefully my lock will look like the pattern in the book.....


Here are some photos of how I made the lock.  This first photo shows the lock pieces assembled and the lock in the closed or locked position:




The next photo shows the lock in the unlocked or open position:




After the lock body is sawed to a round shape, the key will puch up into the angled slot shown by the right hand red colored clamp.

I did find a mistake in the book plans. The pattern for marking out the 3 dowel holes was marked not to scale in the book.  I manually drew a pattern and drilled the 3 dowel holes according to the pattern.  When I overlayed the center laminated section , the location of the dowel holes was not correct.  I moved the location of the 3 dowels, and had to trim a little off above where the slider slides.

This was a fun lock to glue and clamp up.....thank goodness I have a wide selection of clamps :)




And now for the finished lock:







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