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110V Outlet Box Made from Wood

I recently finished remodeling my mother-in-law's basement. We replaced an old cast iron sink with modern cabinets, stainless steel sink, and counter-top.

We needed to add a 110V outlet above the counter-top.  I did not want to use steel conduit and a steel outlet box.  The concrete block wall was re-painted behind the new cabinets.

I decided an outlet box made from wood would look better than the industrial looking steel conduit and box.

I wanted to use the blue plastic outlet box with rotating ears, designed for installing new boxes in existing construction.

I designed up a wooden outlet holder in Sketchup:




I made the wood outlet box in my workshop:



Finished Project:

I anchored the wood outlet box to the concrete block wall using 1/4" plastic anchors.


The ladies may decide to paint the wood box to match the concrete block wall color of light tan, or just leave it white.

Closing Thoughts

It took a couple of hours to build the wood box and paint it, but I like the look much better than the industrial look of steel conduit and a steel outlet box.





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