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Jacob's weight lifting bench height stand

My son Jacob is an exercise kind of guy. He wants to do set-ups at an angle. Below is a picture of his cobbled up set-up using a chair:



Here is Google Sketchup of what he wanted me to build:

Here is photo of using Liquid Nail to laminate the 2 vertical uprights. The lamination was 3/4" board, 1/4" plywood, and 3/4" board.

Here is 2 vertical uprights and base being glued up:


As I always tell my wife, a woodworker can never own too many clamps!

The base is made up of 2-2x8's which are lap jointed together.  I cut the lap joints on the radial arm saw.

Here is the finished stand painted white, with some U.S. flag decals for visual effects: 

 Closing Thoughts on This Project

Laminating the boards hopefully will make it stronger than just using 2x8's. Time will tell as it gets used. I have never used Liquid Nail before, but it seems to work ok on this project.

Update: Ten days after completion, the Liquid Nail started to fail and my laminated boards started to de-laminate!!  The stand was just setting with no load, waiting for my son to pick it up. Based upon this, I am totally unsatisfied with the performance of Liquid Nails!

I asked co-workers about their experience with Liquid Nail glue.  One said the Liquid Nail used to work well when it was first introduced, except for the nasty odors. A few years ago, they took out all the good and nasty chemicals that made the odors, but as a result it no longer works very well.

I had to repair the stand using my trusty Titebond yellow glue, which has never failed me over the years!





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