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Tables or Night Stands for Stacy and Connie

My daughter Stacy had one black table, and she wanted me to make a copy for her. Once my wife saw the table, she requested I make 2 more copies.........for a total of 3 tables.

Here is the design entered into Google Sketchup:


And here are the tables:







Closing Thoughts:

The table tops were about 12 inches wide, and they just fit in my old 12" wide Sears planer. Unfortunately, I had some planer snipe marks about 6 inches from each end. I did not notice these until I painted the tables. On future projects, I should belt sand the tops after planing and carefully check for planer snipe marks.

It is also important to remember to saw the grooves in the top 4 pieces before assembly. These grooves are the retaining grooves for the steel clips that attach the top to the table.





Wood Stand for Makita Miter Saw

I decided to make a wood stand for my miter saw.  I decided to pattern it after the windmill stand I made for my whirligigs.  Here is the google sketchup design:

Here is the new miter saw table assembled and ready to paint:


And here is the finished miter saw table with the new saw mounted to it:

 I used two 5/16" bolts and wing nuts to hold the saw, for quick install and removal:

 The table turned out to be light weight yet very strong for this application.





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