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Star 200 Bevel Set - Stained Glass

I recently visited the Glass House in Decatur, and bought one of these bevel sets. You can buy them online using this link.

You have to order the 4 corner bevel pieces in addition to the set.

I entered the pattern into Sketchup, my drafting program, and came up with a bunch of potential color combinations.

I am not very good at picking out the best color I got the Big Boss (my wife) help me pick out the glass colors.  They are all Hobby Lobby glasses.....

Yellow cathedral.............PN 532218

Pale Blue...................PN 1545771

Red cathedral hammered.........PN        139204

I printed out 1 full size pattern from Sketchup to build on............and another to cut out the glass pieces.

Starting to Build the Panel

Panel Built and Ready for soldering

Zinc Framing Process Steps

1. LH side. Saw 45 degree at bottom, leave top long by at least 1 inch

2. Bottom side. Saw 45 degree at LH side, leave RH side long by at least 1 inch

3. Build panel from bottom LH corner outwards.  When bottom row is built to RH side, place scrap zinc frame piece on RH side, use it to mark 45 saw cut on RH side

     of bottom piece.
4. RH side. Saw 45 degree at bottom. Leave top at least 1 inch long.

5. Build rest of panel.
6. Saw top zince piece to fit between 2 sides.

7. Solder both sides of panel.

8. Saw off excess on RH and LH sides with Dremel cut-off wheel. Sand smooth with drum sander on drill press.
9. Solder in Delphi hanging hooks in top of LH and RH pieces.

Project Statistics

Finished Panel

Finished Panel in Light Box

Finished Panel in the Sunlight

Closing Thoughts on This Project

This was a fun project to build.  I ran into no unexpected issues building this panel.  I like this color combination..........but may build some more with different color combinations.