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Stained Glass Locomotive

I saw a neat pattern for a sun-catcher style stained glass piece in a circa 1972 stained glass pattern book.

My grandson loves locomotives, so I decided to make him 1 for a Christmas present.

The original Pattern is shown below:

I inputted the old pattern in Google Sketchup, and then simplified it. I did not see the need for so many different pieces.  You can't tell from the original pattern is the 2 inside pieces are supposed to be clear glass, or with no glass.  I decided to try it with no glass.

Finished Locomotive Sun-Catcher

Closing Thoughts on This Project

This was a fun project to build. I wanted this sun-catcher to be a beefy design, so I wrapped hobby lead around it............and soldered the hobby lead to the edges of the 1/4" wide copper foil that were exposed. This made a beefy design, that will not break if dropped on carpeting.  Leaving the 2 center places blank, versus putting in clear glass.......worked fine.