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Stacy's Garage Shelves

My daughter asked me to design and build her the same type of shelving and hangars that I have in my garage.........for her garage.

I entered my current design into Google Sketchup, then modified it for her garage.



 Adjustable Hangars

I went online and found some adjustable hangars similar to what I used 15 years ago on my garage.



These are a little different design than what I am used to.  These let you set the starting gap when you screw the 2 screws to the wall. You can set them super big, or super small, depending on what size handle you are trying to hang

Steel Shelf Brackets

I got a magazine from Lee Valley running a special on steel brackets, so I bought them from Lee Valley:

These are 8x10" hangars, which are 1 inch bigger than what I used on my garage 15 years ago.  They are painted white, so they will match the shelves that I paint white as well.

Pre-Assembly at My House

I did the pre-assembly work at my house, so it would be quicker to install them at my daughter's house.

The shelves will be basically 15" on-center from each other.  The shelf boards are 1x12's that are 8 feet long.

I bought screws at Ace Hardware in Fairbury that were 5/8" long. I wanted them slightly shorter than the 3/4" thick boards they will be screwed into.



I hauled all the parts to my daughter's house in my pick-up:

BEFORE Picture

Here is my daughter's garage before we installed the new shelving.........

New Shelf Installation

I hung the beginning and ending vertical shelf boards, then put a string across the shelves. This let me quickly position the other 4 vertical shelf boards without doing any measurements:

Finished Shelves and 2x4 Hangar Board


Closing Thoughts

This project came out very nice.  It only took about 3 hours to install in my daughter's garage.  The new shelves are very sturdy, and the 2x4 hangar boards gives an easy method to store anything with a handle.





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