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Repairing Karen's window washing deck

My sister Karen lives adjacent to the golf course, and her house has full walls of picture windows to see the nice view of the course.

The people that built the house back in 1950 including a deck so a person could easily wash the upper level of picture windows.  Over the years, the deck started to rot out at the corner.  Water got into the 45 degree angle cuts and rotted the redwood deck boards.

It was also difficult to get onto the deck because it was a 31 inch rise above a pile of rocks. It was really unsafe to try to ascend these 31 inches with the unsure footing on the rocks.



I used Google's 3D drafting package, Sketchup, to design the new stairs.....

As soon as Karen gets the new wood painted, I will publish a finished picture of the project.........Karen got everything here is photo of finished project:






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