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Source to Buy Beech Wood

Many intarsia projects call for using beech wood.  It is a brown color with a very nice grain, and is therefore attractive to use on intarsia projects.

I searched the Internet many times trying to find a source to buy small quantities of beech from.  I even e-mailed the lady that wrote the Intarsia pattern book, but she did not reply.

Finally, in the Summer of 2015, I found a source of beech wood.  It is

They carry many different types of wood, including beech!

I thought the shipping cost was too high at $ I basically ordered a lifetime supply of beech for me, 6 board feet and it is 4/4" thick, which is 15/16".  Most intarsia patterns call out 3/4" thick, so this should work fine.

I received the wood, and it is  of excellent quality.

Maybe someday I will find a source for beech with lower shipping costs, but I am good for quite a while with this relatively large inventory of beech for future intarsia projects!


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