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Solved DeWalt Planer Model DW734 Mystery

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Dewalt, planer, problem, 1/4", thickness, won't go down, issue



Every since I got this planer a couple of years ago, I could never lower the planer to plane below about 1/4" thickness.

I broke down and read the manual, which said there is a thumbwheel to set the target height.  I checked it and it was already set at zero ??????????

I googled it, but found no answers.

I went back and raised the cutter head up about 4 inches.  I discovered sawdust packed at each of the 4 corners by the corner supports !!!!!!!   I got a screwdriver and vacuum, and cleaned all 4 corners completely.

Voila !!!!!!!!!!!!   Now the planer will let me plane pieces less than 1/4" thick !!!!!!



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