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Secrets to Google Sketchup Follow-Me Command

I use Google Sketchup to draw up all of my woodworking models, and most home remodeling drawings.

I have over several hundred hours of using Sketchup.

The follow-me command had driven me nuts over the years.  It never seems to work for my small woodworking parts.

I recently came across 2 secrets that seem to make Sketchup follow-me command work.

1. Click on the path you want to follow with the main pointer. Then click on the
      follow me command, then click on the area you want to extrude.  It may take
      a while for the computer to calculate the extruded path.

2. If you are working on small parts, like 3/8" diameters and less than 2 inches
     long, first draw your area you want to extrude, and the path you want to follow.
       Then, scale your drawing up by a factor of 10. Do the follow me command,
        then scale your drawing back down by a factor of .1.

These 2 tricks seem to make Sketchup work on my small parts.

Good Luck!



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