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Shortening a Kitchen Cabinet

My daughter Stacy had a range hood, with a cabinet above.  She wants to install a microwave instead of the range hood. This required shortening the 30 inch tall cabinet by 10.5 inches.

Here is a photo showing the cabinet location (it had already been removed to be taken back to my workshop).....



 After sawing the cabinet doors on the table saw, I used my old Sears doweling jig to make dowel holes to attach the halves back together again.




Next I glued and clamped the floating center panel first, to get the horizontal alignment correct........



Then I glued up the outer frame using the old nail and string method..........



I put the cabinet up on the table saw and rotated it to make the 2 saw cuts required to shorten it.........



I used the Kreg pocket drilling set-up to drill the cabinet on the outside........the outside will not show after the cabinet has been re-installed.


I used Behlen grain filler to fill the sawn joints, plus sanding 60 grit followed by 220 grit.

The Finished Project


Closing Thoughts

It is extremely difficult to hide saw marks across the grain.  Depending on the lighting and the angle, you can still make out traces of the sawn joints.  Hopefully, this will be good enough for my daughter.




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