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Stained Glass Panel with Neat Colors

On the Facebook group, I saw a neat panel with a color combination that I liked.

This panel is relatively long and skinny.  I wanted to modify the design to fit a conventional size stained glass panel, maybe 12 inches wide and 16 inches tall.  I started doing my modified panel design in Google Sketchup.

Since this panel design is symmetrical, I first developed the design for the top RH quadrant, then copied it to the rest of the panel.  This was my 1st attempt.........

I wasn't happy with the small red circle was not wide enough.........with respect to the rest of the design.  I modified this part of the design to make it fatter, so it looked better proportionally to the eye.

I was happy with the design, so I went ahead and printed it out from Sketchup.  I was a little surprised how big the panel was in paper format. 12x16 or so is a "normal"size for a stained glass panel.........12 x 21 is on the large size.  I don't see any way to reduce the height if I keep all the elements in the design. 

If I scale it by drops the size down to 10x17.5.  I will scale it in Sketchup, then print out in paper and see how it looks.

In the photo below, the coffee cup is to give the photo scale.

I made some corrections to the design. I will use amber, not orange glass, so I changed that color also.

Flat or Round Top Lead

I decided to use the small size round top lead.  I was worried the flat top lead would not work well on the small curved pieces.

Glass Selection

I used all Hobby Lobby Glass on this project.

Building the Panel

Finished Panel

Closing Thoughts on this Project

I really like the geometry and the color combination of this panel.  I was going to donate it via a charity auction, but I might have to keep it!