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Saw horses

My son had 2 expensive saw horses made out of plastic.  On his big deck job last Fall, I sawed off a 1 ft piece of pressure-treated 2x12, it fell down, hit the saw horse leg and shattered the end off.

I left the 2nd saw horse on the partially completed deck one night.  A big wind came up during the night and blew the saw horse off..........and it crashed into pieces when it hit the ground 10 feet below.

He recently saw a plan for wood saw horses that he liked........and asked me to build 4 of them.  I entered the design into Sketchup..........

It takes (2) 8 ft long 2x4's and (1) 8 foot long 1x4 to build one sawhorse. I used plain 2x4's.

Hitch Pins and Chains
The original design called for hitch pins and a chain attached to the 1/2" wood dowel that you adjust for height.

I found the hitch pins and chain at my Fairbury Ace hardware store.

Holes for 1/2" Dowels
To allow for an easy fit of the 1/2" height adjustment dowels, I would have drilled the holes 9/16". I did not have a 9/16" spade bit, so I first drilled them with a 1/2" spade bit.  I re-drilled them to 9/16" after I bought a new spade bit.

Air Nailer
I used my air nail gun with 1-1/2" long nails to nail up most of the sawhorse.  I used Kreig pocket screws under the top piece, to attach it from the bottom......leaving more clearance if one saws into the top rail.

1st Finished Saw Horse

The hitch pins are shown in the next photo..........

They stack side-to-side pretty well in regards to taking up little floor space..........

 Closing Thoughts

These were pretty easy to build.  We will test them out in a few weeks when we build another deck at my son's house. I think they will work fine, and last a lot longer than the old plastic saw horses!




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