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Roth Lamp Reproduction

My sister Lisa, asked me to convert a hanging stained glass lamp to a table lamp. The lamp hung in the Roth home on Hickory Street in Fairbury, her husband's house.

I un-soldered the top ring and removed it, since it was no longer needed. I straightened the bent horizontal pieces that were stressed from the weight of the lamp.

I also removed the top section, so I could solder in a piece of 3/4" wide brass, with a 3/8" hole for the lamp harp.  The lamp base is on order right now. I will add a photo when it is completed.

Future new lamps of this design

This is a neat design, so I may make some new ones in the future.  I entered the old design into google Sketchup, but I needed to know the tilt angles.

A couple years ago, I made a 4-sided stained glass lamp shade. I found a Polycut program, that calculated all the miter saw angles required to make the shade.  Back then I was running Windows XP, and the program was downloaded, and ran ok.  My new computer is running Windows 10, and the old program won't run any more :(

So I searched the Internet and found a new online calculator here.

My 1st attempt in Sketchup was pretty good, but the 4 corners did not match up exactly............

Using the online miter angle calculator noted above, plus remeasuring the tilt angles on the old piece using a digital angle finder, I was able to make a perfect replica in Sketchup, with all 4 corners of top and bottom pieces aligning perfectly........

I may build some of these in the future :)

I soldered a new brass bar on the top of the lower section with a 3/8" hole to fit a standard harp.

I ordered a 17" tall metallic base for the lamp...........

Finished Lamp

I was able to use my old trusty 2004 digital camera to get a good photo of the lamp lit up.............

Closing Thoughts on this Project

It turned out not to be that difficult to convert this hanging light to a table light.  This is the first time I dis-assembled an old stained glass piece, and actually, it went pretty well. Hopefully my sister will be pleased with the new table lamp!


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