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Rooster on a Stand

I thought the the Rooster on the night light looked pretty neat, so I decided to make one for myself that sits on a wood stand.

In Sketchup, I tried 2X scale size and also 1.5X scale size.  I preferred the 1.5X scale and made one to that scale.

I am going to use the same red bead for this one as the night lights.  Technically, it is supposed to be scaled up 1.5X scale, but that is ok.

I marked on the wood where the 2 vertical lead pieces intersect, then cut out the holes in the scroll saw........then epoxied the 2 legs to the wood stand.

Since these pieces are larger than the night light, I wrapped each piece in 7/32" wide black backed foil, wrapped with hobby lead, then soldered the foil all around to the hobby lead.

Finished Rooster on a Wood Stand

Closing Thoughts on this Project

This will make a cute addition to my collection of 3D type stained glass projects, since this uses the overlay method.