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Refurbishing Rigid Pipe Cutter

On the farm where I was raised, my dad had an old Rigid pipe cutter.

In 2012, we had a farm estate sale. I chose to take the old pipe cutter and try to refurbish it, versus selling it. It was covered in 40+ years of grease and there was a big chip in the cutting wheel.

Here is a photo after I removed most of the grease:

 There was 1 small fleck of reddish paint still on it.  I googled this Model #1 and #2, and found originally it was painted red.

I then gave it 2 coats of red enamel paint.

I also bought 2 new cutter wheels from McMaster-Carr item 2680A16. I wanted 1 spare cutter also.



And here is the fully refurbished Rigid pipe cutter:


 It is now ready for another 50 years of service........... 






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