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Refurbishing Old Manual Drill Press


When I was growing up on the farm in the 1960's, the only drill press we had was this old manual drill press. Somewhere along the way, somebody drilled 3 holes in the round weighted section and attached a big pulley, so an electric motor could be added to operate the drill.  When my Dad later tore down the shed the drill press was in, he let me have it.  I cleaned it up and painted it. I also returned it to its original manually operated condition.  It is fund to watch the small lever at the top index and lower the drill bit into the workpiece!

Here is the drill press in its original condition, before I restored it..........




 Here are the old tools that were kept by the old drill press on the farm........


 I cleaned all the old years of grease and oil from the drill press, then repainted all the pieces.........




This drill press was originally hand crank operated.  At some point, somebody added a belt pulley to the flywheel so an electric motor could operate it.  I returned the unit back to its original hand crank operation.

And here is the finished unit...........










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