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Princess Pen

My wife picked this out as an attractive pen design, so I ordered 1 kit to try it out.

I let the Nexabond 2500 set over-night when I glued the white blank to the brass sleeves.  The end-cutter worked ok on the drill press, but both white blanks spun on the brass sleeves on the lathe!!  This surprised me.  I did see some big gaps between the drilled holes in the plastic and the brass sleeve, that were not filled with glue.  I re-glued both sleeves back into their blanks.

I will have to try something different on the next ones I do, to try to fill these gaps.

Because the plastic blanks spun, small chunks  came off near the ends of the blank. I took them after the lathe to the rotary disc sander, and sanded off the imperfections on the ends. Of course, the ink cartridge stuck out too far because the blanks were shortened.  I knocked some length off the ink cartridge on the disc sander, and the finished pen looks and works ok........but a standard ink refill will be too long.

Closing Thoughts

This pen design really looks I will be making more for Christmas gifts for the ladies in the family.







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