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How to Adjust Table angle of Porter Cable scroll saw PCB370SS

I have had this scroll saw since 2012, so 8 years now.

I recently went to scroll some kid's puzzles from 3/4" thick pine, and noticed the puzzle pieces would only slide out 1 way.............they should slide into each other from either direction.  I did the standard test, where you scroll saw a piece of 2x4 partway, then flip the board around and see if the blade still lines up with the cut you made..........and mine was slightly off.

I checked the manual for how to adjust the table angle, and it was no help.  I Googled it and found where somebody posted that one way was to loosen the  2 screws under the table, from the operator station, that hold the table to the tilting mechanism.  I loosened both bolts, and in my case, the table needed to rotate clockwise a degree or 2.

I found a thin piece of cardboard, about the thickness of a playing card, and slipped it under the LH screw.  I tightened up both screws.   I cut a test puzzle piece from the 3/4" thick pine, and now the pieces slide together from either direction :)