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More on Pool Cue Stand

In the late 1990s, I searched the Internet looking for different types of pool cue stands. I found a style I liked and built one. It has withstood the test of time, with many children using it and the pool table.

I recently entered it into Google Sketchup in case I need to build some more.



Pool Cue Stand

About 10 years ago, I searched for different designs of pool stick racks.  I found a floor mount one I I designed and made this one.  It has held up well to many teenagers abusing it!





Dimensioned Drawings

I have had several requests for dimensioned drawings for the pool cue stand........The model is in the Sketchup warehouse, but here are the key dimensioned drawings.........

Forgot to include dimensions for arc centers

When I made my cue stand, I probably printed out full-scale paper patterns from Sketchup.......and therefore did  not have to do conventional layout, where you swing the arcs from a center point.  I added this arc center dimension to the part I forgot to show it on.

Making arc's with radius's bigger than your grade school compass will handle

Many years ago, I bought a simple pair of items that clamp onto a wood yardstick, to make circles.  I just checked Amazon and was surprised to see they are now $30...........I think I gave less than $10 for mine many years ago.

There are many "poor mans" methods of making 1-time big arcs.  Most of these involve using a scrap piece of wood, and inserting finishing nail(s) or a pencil to mark the radius's.


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