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AMT drill press Model 4562

I bought this drill press in May of 1994 when I was living in Greenville, SC.  It has the most hours of run time of any of my shop equipment, and has been a great drill press.

I noticed the drill press table was not secure, and would not give a straight hole.  I could not find my owner's manual, so I took it apart and figured out how the table swivel mechanism worked.  It turned out I just needed to tighten up the big nut with the drill press in the right position.  Then I found my old Owner's Manual in my paper files.

Since I could not find a copy of the owner's manual on the Internet, I scanned my manual in and stored it on  You can access the owner's manual for the AMT drill press Model 4562 using this link.

I added 2 illustrations to try  to explain how the large and small bolts work on the table angle adjustment.  They are included in the last 2 pages of the manual.