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Small Orange Stained Glass boxes

A couple of years ago, when I was buying glass at Kokomo's factory in Indiana, I saw a simple but neat box in their gift shop, so I bought it.  I liked the twisted lead on the 4 vertical corners, and on top.

Last year, I was making some jewelry boxes, and wanted to to use the twisted lead on the corners of that box.  I had to ask the Stained Glass Addicts Facebook group how to make it.  It turns out it is super simple to make it from standard lead. For smaller twists, you use "hobby Lead" which is lightweight U-shaped lead came.  You grip one end in the vise, then grab the other end with pliers, and twist by hand until you get the look you want. For a little beefier looking twists, you use small H-shaped lead came, like Anything-in-stained-glass web site's model RH-3. After you get the twisted came cut to length, you solder tack it at the ends to the box.

To make the first couple of boxes, I used RU-90 H-shaped lead came for the side pieces.  I ran out of the RU-90 size of H lead, so I tried some bigger has a round bottom versus square...........but it worked ok. 

The yellow Kokomo box I bought it shown first below, then the orange box I made.