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Scroll saw puzzle with name

I have made several scroll puzzles for my grandkids. I decided to try a different style of one, with my grandson's name.


1. Cut pine blank

2. Paint blank white on both sides

   Note:  Use oven at 120F to speed up paint drying process

3. Apply blue masking tape to top of blank

4. Glue full scale pattern of puzzle from Sketchup onto blue tape using white Elmer's glue

5. Scroll saw the puzzle

6. remove paper pattern and blue tape

7. Using carbon paper, and a Sketchup print-out of the letters, trace them through the carbon paper

8. Paint letters 1st time, bake in oven for 10 minutes

9. Give 2nd coat of paint to letters and bake

10. Apply blue masking tape as guide for top and bottom horizontal 1/4" wide bars

11. Paint 2 coats of paint for the 2 bars

12. Remove blue masking tape

13. Paint back grey

Scroll Saw Blade selection

On previous projects, I found #3 blades gave too tight of fit on the pieces..........and #5 gave too sloppy of a fit.   

So, I ordered some #4 blades.  They gave just the right fit in pine.  A hardwood puzzle might require a different size blade.

Scroll Sawing

Scroll sawing complete

Carbon paper time

Anita's Paints - bought at Hobby Lobby

Finished Puzzle

Closing Thoughts 

If I did it again, I would pick a different color than white for the background.......maybe grey.  ........................or a light yellow.

The 2 horizontal lines are not perfect......because paint leaks under the blue masking tape where the scroll saw cuts are.   I should have painted these before I did the letters.

But, I think my grandchildren will have fun with it.

Update 2 days after finishing Puzzle

The puzzle pieces had the perfect fit, after I finished the puzzle.  But, about 2 days later, the fit was too tight.  The only explanation I have is:

-painted top white with primer.........baked in oven for 15 minutes to dry

-painted bottome..........15 minutes in oven

-finish white coat on top...........15 minutes oven

-finish white bottom..........15 minutes oven

-scroll sawed

-finished other steps

I must dried out the wood blank really well in the oven before I scroll sawed it..............then in 2 days the moisture seeped back into the wood, decreasing the fit?    So I ran it back through the scroll size with the same #4 size bit...........and clearance is fine now.   Live and learn :)