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More Wooden 1856 Railroad Switch Locks


We are going to have an auction sale to raise funds for a new firehouse. I decided to make another 1856 Railroad lock to sell at this auction. While I was at it, I decided to build 2 more because the additional material and labor is miniscule versus building 1 lock.

I put the pattern into Google Sketchup. I then printed to scale paper patterns to glue onto the wood using white Elmers Glue. Once you are done, a wet dishrag will rub off the paper and glue.

Since I am going to sell one lock at a charity auction, I designed a display stand in Sketchup. It shows how the lock works as well.


One Lesson Learned from the first 1856 railroad lock that I built was the difficulty of sanding the 1.5" thickness of the lock using a 1.5" thick drum sander. See my notes above on this project. I went online and bought a 3/4" diameter drum sander that is 3" tall from  It worked very well on this project.


 Here is one of the locks being glued and clamped:

 Preview Image

After the lock is glued up, you have to route the outside edges:

Preview Image


Here are the 2 lock bodies drying:

Preview Image


Here is the finished lock with its display stand:


 And here is both finished locks: 






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