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Miter saw stand for son

I made a very light weight miter saw stand for myself in 2011. My son saw and used this stand, and requested I build one for him.

I had kept the Google Sketchup drawing of my 2011 stand, so I could use this model to build the new one. 



On my stand, I used mortise and tenon joints. I decided to use Kreig pocket screws on this stand to save time and effort of making mortise and tenons.

The hardest part of this project is getting the compound miter saw set up properly to saw the 7 degrees on top and bottom of each of the 4 legs. I managed to do it without screwing up at least 1 of the cuts

I only put 1 Kreig screw on each side of the horizontals because the board was 1.5 inches thick.....not wide enough for 2 of them.  I put Titebond glue on each joint also. The joints seemed strong enough after the glue dried. You could increase the height of the horizontals from 1.5 to 2.0 inches to allow 2 Kreig screws at each joint if you want.

I made this whole assembly and gave it 2 coats of Zinssers white paint in less than 4 hours!! The Kreig pocket screws really save time compared to cutting mortises and tenons.


On the first side I built, I accidentally put the Kreig pocket screws on the outside instead of the inside of the stand. I told my son to make this the back of the stand if he was worried about aesthetics.  He didn't care what side they were on !








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