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Mice & Cheese Intarsia

You can get this pattern from Kathy Wise's web site here.

I glued the pattern on the backer board with white Elmer's glue. This lets you see how the pieces are fitting together as you assemble them.  Once you have the pieces done, you remove the paper pattern with a wet dish rag.

Here are most of the pieces done for this intarsia:

For shaping the pieces, I mostly used the Dremel with a 1/2" diameter sanding drum. The eyes are black ebony.

The tails were not as bad to make as I thought they were be. I glued 2 pieces of 1/4" maple together to give 1/2" thick pieces of maple.  I scroll sawed the tails:

After scroll sawing the tails, I sanded them down to only 1/4 inch thick using the belt sander. Be careful and don't sand your fingers also!

On the first goldfish intarsia I made, I super glued the pieces horizontally together. They slightly stuck to the backer board.  To avoid this on this project, I placed Saran wrap on the backer board before gluing the pieces together horizontally.

The Saran wrap worked very well.  The next step was to glue the pieces to the backer board using super glue.

I varnished the project and let it dry hanging on a piece of wire in my shop:

Finished Project:


Closing Thoughts:

This was a fun project.  The 2 mice turned out to be very cute.  The most difficult part was making the 2 tails, but I am used to sanding to make small pieces so it was that difficult.






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