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My father, Charles Maley, was a man of many talents. He was a farmer his whole life, but worked at several different jobs in the winter time. His many skills included auto mechanic, diesel mechanic, plumber, electrician, residential HVAC, carpenter.

Growing up on the farm, he taught me many of these skills including carpentry. Here is a 2006 photo of my father and myself:

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 My father-in-law, Lloyd Wells was an excellent woodworker. In the early 1980's, I did a lot of woodworking projects and he taught me much of what I know about woodworking. Lloyd is shown in the blue sweatshirt leaning on the pick-up truck...circa 1996...the Chicago Bear fan is my son, Jacob. 


After the 1980's, kids came along and I just did not have the free time available for woodworking projects.  Around 2006, after the kids had left the house, I resumed woodworking projects.




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