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Math Demo

Judy wants me to make her a circle pattern, so she can illustrate the area of a circle to her Ohio students (Shaker Heights). I decided to use regular pine, but to dye it 3 different colors......then polyurethane over the dye like I have done on other models.

The next step is to attach velcro like 3/4" high band, from Ace Hardware, to hold half of the slices together.

You can remove half of the pie and illustrate the area of a circle:

Here is a side shot showing the 3/4" tall Velcro attached with black tacks, 2 tacks per slice:

Closing Thoughts on this Project:

The dye colors turned out pretty well.........considering the wood is common pine. The only change I would make is to avoid the knots when you are laying out the pie lines, to avoid cutting a knot in half. 



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