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Repairing a Lloyd Well's built table

Lloyd Wells was a prolific woodworker. He made many pieces of furniture and lathe projects.  I learned a lot of woodworking skills from him  He died in 2004.

He made a small table for his daughter, and she brought it to me in 2019 for repair.

It looks like initially he tried using 4 screws driven from the top, down into the center support leg..............then he changed his mind..........filled the 4 screw holes with wood putty......then used a center screw to attach the table to the column. Eventually, this screw pulled out.

I decided to repair the table by installing 4 dowels, each 2 inches long, 3/8" diameter, between the top and the vertical column.

I initially used a regular bit to drill down into the vertical column about 1.25 inches.............It got too hot, so I switched to a Forstner bit for the rest of the holes...........which worked fine.  I did not want to drill either the top or bottom hole too deep, because I wanted to get as much dowel as possible into the 3/4" deep hole in the top.  I used 4 clamps to draw up the table top against the column.........and a wet rag to remove the excess Titebond yellow glue.

I used my 1980's Sear dowel center kit, to accurately mark where to drill the mating dowel holes.

Repair Completed

Hopefully, my repair will keep this cute little table in service for many more years!

Lloyd Wells