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New Lifeguard Tower

My sister Karen has a large flower garden.  For years, she has a large doll that watches over the flower garden from its perch on top of a miniature lifeguard tower.

The years of weather have taken their toll on the lifeguard tower:



 After studying the old tower, I decided it was time to build a new one..........versus repairing the old one.  The old one was built almost entirely from 2 x 1/2" wood, except for 2 pieces that were 2.5 x 1/2" wood.

I entered the design into Google Sketchup:




I decided to build the new one using pressure treated wood, to see if it would hold up longer outside.......versus common pine.  I made the 4 legs our of one piece 1x2 versus 2pieces attached together of 0.5x2 wood.  I ripped some scrap 2x4's and deck tread to make the new tower.


 To get the 4th vertical leg, I had to glue up 2 pieces.....



This tower uses a 4 degree angle in both directions. To build the first side, I clamped the 2 vertical pieces at the correct angle on plywood:



After I finished the first side, I flipped it over and built the 2nd side on top of the first:


 And here is the assembled tower ready for painting:




 And here is the finished new life guard tower in my workshop:


 And here is the new lifeguard tower in Karen's garden........





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