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Kokomo Glass wall-mount storage bin

I used Kokomo glass in many of my woodworking projects.  I like to keep a stock inventory of 10 to 20 sheets of glass.  If you store it on a shelf, you have to remove it all to a table, then sort through it, and return the unused sheets to the shelf. 

At Kokomo Glass, they have wood storage compartments which allow customers to easily sort through and pick out the glass they want. 


I came up with a wall-mount design that will hold up to 20 sheets of standard size 8x14 sheets of glass.

 My design allows storage of glass sheets for easily sorting thru them.

I built this glass holder from 5/8" thick particle board, because I had an extra piece in inventory.

Here is a picture of the finished glass holder on my work bench:

I  used my blank plastic angle jig to hold the main vertical piece in place, while I assembled the rest of the unit.  I used yellow titebond glue for this project.

Here is the finished unit installed on the wall:

This unit really works nicely for storing glass, and being able to quickly look at all the glass........versus stacking the sheet horizontally on a shelf. 

I used Kreig 1-1/4" long coarse screws to screw the storage unit together.  I used 2.5" long screws to attach the unit to the wall 2x4's.







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