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Upgrading Mom' s Kitchen

My mother had the 1970's carpet removed from her kitchen and had new linoleum installed.  The original carpet was run up the back wall of the bar stool section, about 32" high....and was glued to the back of the cabinet.  The toekicks also had glued carpet.

I decided to cut new 1/4" oak plywood and cover the glued back of the counter cabinet. I also cut new toeboards out of the same material.

Here are the new wood pieces drying in my workshop after 1 coat combo stain/varnish and 1 coat of polyurethane:

I cut these new moldings all on the table saw to avoid the time of setting up the router.

She also wanted me to spray paint the old purple colored registers.  I hung them from my workshop floor joice by wire and spray painted them.  I put the drop-cloth on the floor and used a fan to ventilate the fumes outside:

Here is the temporary fan ventilation system:


And here is the finished project:

Closing Thoughts on This Project:

It was definitely easier to leave on the old glue. I was able to finish nail the new oak panels onto the existing cabinet because there were all drawers on the other side, and the small finishing nails did not hit the drawers. Turned out pretty nice. Total material cost was $70.





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