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Kissing Couple automaton

I first saw this automaton on a YouTube video.

I also discovered that this automaton is sold as a kit that can be assembled by the customer.

I decided to make my own design version and build one of these

Google Sketchup Design

Using the YouTube video and this picture from the kit, I duplicated the design into Sketchup..........

Most of the main parts of this automaton are made from 1/2" thick stock.  I planed a standard 3/4" thick piece of pine down to 1/2" thickness to make these parts. The arms are 3/16" thick stock, which I made by planning another pine board.

Cam Design

The motion generated by this cam design is twice the lift. In this case, 2 times 5/16" or 5/8" lift. The cams are made from 3/8" thick pine.

Finished Automaton



YouTube Video

I made a YouTube video of this model in action.............


Painted Version

I decided to make a 2nd model and paint the two figures in the model. I made a YouTube video of this painted model in action........



Painted Version

Some people in my family like the painted versus unpainted versions of my wood models.  I made a 2nd automaton and painted it........


 The female has black hair and shoes, a yellow dress with white polka dots, and flesh colored body. The man has blue jeans, a red shirt, brown shoes and hair, with a flesh colored body


Closing Thoughts

This was a fun project to make. For just $22, you can buy the parts, then assemble them yourself. I guessed correctly on the cam design, and it worked fine the first time.


















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