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Karen's Laundry Room

My sister is remodeling her basement laundry room. She asked me to install a new suspended ceiling. Here is the plan in Google Sketchup:

 Here is the layout of the suspended ceiling steel frame and lights........

I designed the room to have 4 lights, but after I started working on the project, the upper light would not fit due to a piping in the way.  I changed the plan to just use 3 lights.  I centered the 3 lights as best I could given the constraints of the piping in the way.

Here are some before pictures...........

I first installed the corner rail around the entire perimeter of the room.  Then I hung the main runners and cross runners..........


And here are the 2x4 drop-in fluorescent lights being installed:

I got used to Eli supervising me at Stacy's basement finishing project, I had to adapt to a new supervisor, Joanie, on Karen's project:

And here is the finished ceiling:

She now has the nicest laundry room in Fairbury!




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