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Jacob's Shelf

My son Jacob requested I make him a shelf 84.25 inches long.  I put the design he wanted into Google Sketchup: 

He wanted it made of red oak, which I got at Menards.

I decided to "gussy up" the shelf by rounding the shelf radiuses, and putting a bead molding on the lower support bracket.  The bead router bit is a Freud 36-112:


Unusual Occurrence:

 When I was routing the bead, I had a chunk of the red oak come off. I have never had this happen before.  I tried to fill it with filler..........

I wasn't happy with the filler, so I made another piece. This time I did the bead cut in 2 passes.  For the first pass, I lowered the blade a little, then brought it up to full height on the router table for the 2nd pass.  It worked fine this time :)

Kreg Pocket Screws

Because the board was so long, I ended up moving the Kreg jig along the board, versus keeping the jig stationary and moving the board:

I drilled a pocket screw hole about every 12 inches along the board. I chose to use no glue.

And here is the finished shelf..........

Closing Thought on This Project

The only surprise on this project was the chunk of red oak coming off while routing the bead.  I guess the moral of the story is to always take at least 2 passes on the router if you are in doubt!








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