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November 2019 Intrigue Bevel Stained Glass Panel

I had one bevel set left.  The ladies like my 2-blue Intrigue bevel set panels so much, that I can not keep one for myself!  I decided to build another 2-blue panel.

I wanted to address 2 areas to work on for this panel.  1 is experimenting with soldering, to see if the appearance of my solder is better than the first flat came lead panel I built.

The second area is a better pattern to cut the 2 sets of glass from.  I had issues getting the glass the right size on the first 2 panels I built.  I went into sketchup, and allowed 1/16" between glass pieces for the lead came.  Since the bevels are pre-cut and I do not want to grind them, you must take the full 1/16" away from the cut glass pieces.  

Starting to Build the Panel

I chose to use flat top came on this panel..............and to apply black patina after soldering.

Test Soldering

Before I soldered the panel, I did a little practice work........and it looked fine.

After Patina

Project Statistics

Closing Thoughts on This Project

The black patina really does an excellent job of hiding my poor solder joints :)

Now, I will have to see if I can keep this panel, or if another lady wants it :)