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Stained Glass Ice Cream Cone Suncatcher

In an old pattern book, circa 1972, I saw a pattern for a simple ice cream cone suncatcher.

I imported the scanned image into Sketchup, and scaled the height to 6 inches.  The steps I used to make  this one in less than 2 hours was:

1. Cut glass pieces and grind to fit

2. Wrap 1/4" wide black backed copper foil around the glass pieces

3. Solder the copper foil, except within a 1/2" of the outside edge (so hobby lead came would fit)

4. Wrap with hobby lead came on outside

5. Solden connecting end of hobby came, then solder outside copper foil edges to hobby came

6. Make hanging hook with 12 gauge copper wire, solder to top

7. Wash and scrub off excess solder with scrub brushes

8. Apply black patina to hobby lead and solder

9. Wash and dry

I normally use 7/32" wide foil, but I was out, so used 1/4" wide black backed foil.  The edges stuck out from the hobby lead came enough that I could solder them to the hobby came. I probably did not need to do this for strength, but it hid the exposed copper foil edges and made a really strong assembly.

Closing Thoughts

Some people want me to teach a class to kids on stained glass.  This simple suncatcher might be a good candidate. The class might go as follows:

1. I cut and grind glass pieces ahead of time

2. Kids wrap pieces in copper foil

3. I solder

4. Kids wrap assembly in hobby came and blue masking tape in place temporarily.

5. I solder including adding the hanging hook

6. Kids scrub and wash.

7. Kids apply patina and wash

Suncatchers are a good way to use up scrap glass!

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