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Our 1st House - 29709 Everett, Southfield MI

We rented this house right after we were married. Lived in it 1978-1979.

27421 Doreen, Farmington Hills, MI

We bought this starter home, but sold it in less than 6 months because we moved back to Fairbury so Dale could start work at new job at Caterpillar in October 1979.


27 Timber Ridge, Fairbury, IL

We rented this house for about 1 year because S&L's and banks quit making home mortgages in 1979. Prime interest rate hit 21%.


604 N. First, Fairbury Illinois

We lived in this house from 1980 until 1994:



101 Farming Creek Drive, Simpsonville, SC

We lived in the house at Neely Farms from May 1994 to May 1995

1291 Latham Drive, Watkinsville, GA

We lived in this house from 1995 until 1999:



17 Brookwood Court, Fairbury, IL

We built this house in 1999:


Garage at 17 Brookwood Court

In 2010, I had to repair some drywall in the garage. I repaired it and gave it a fresh coat of paint.

The lower light brown portion of the walls is wood to protect the walls from the normal abuse of items.


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