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Large Half Circle Stained Glass panel for sun room

Our sunroom has a half circle plain window.  I have always wanted to make a stained glass panel for it.

I searched pattern books and the Internet and found several potential design options....

I like the one in the bottom LH corner the best.   I went to my sunroom window and measured it.

I was shocked at how big it is !!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking the windows was quite a bit smaller !!

I also noted the window is not a true semi-circle.  I need to go into Sketchup and modify my design to fit the actual window.

I am going to allow 1/8" clearance all around the window when I build it.

I will also have to research how to support such a large panel including the use of the steel/copper strips you insert into the panel......then solder them in.

I researched it, and decided to try copper strip reinforcement.

You can put the copper strip inside the H of the lead, but you have to use cement on the window, to really keep the copper strip from twisting.  I hate that cement/mud stuff........we did one lead project in class.........and it was messy to apply and you had to use whitening to remove it.

Maybe a better option is to use the copper foil method, instead of lead.......then I don't have to use any cement/mud.

I ordered a roll of copper strip from to try on a smaller panel.

I also need to redesign my window, such that smaller pieces of glass are used.   The max size of glass from Hobby Lobby is 12x12 inches, so I don't want any pieces larger than this.