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Great Gatsby Pens

I liked the look of the Great Gatsby pens in stabilized green box elder.  Here is what the green blank looks like:


I have never made green sawdust before. Here is some from the drill press:



And here is the finished pen..........

This pen turned out to be very nice looking.


August 2014 Update:

I decided to also make the click-pen version of the Gatsby. I glued up 2 blanks to make a click pen and a non-click pen.  Both blanks blew up just as I was getting them to finished diameter using the skew chisel on the lathe!!

On one of the blanks, I was able to glue on the 1 piece that blew off.  On the 2nd blank, I could not find all of the 3 pieces that blew out, so I had to glue up another blank.  You need to be very careful when you get close to the finished diameter using this style of blank!

Here is the finished click pen, next to a non-click style pen:

These Gatsby pens are very nice!





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