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Grease Gun Holder

Many years ago, I bought a wall mount holder for my grease gun. The problem with this is that grease got an adjacent window blind and dripped onto the floor. I repainted my garage and decided to come up with a better way of mounting the grease gun which contained the grease leakage.  Here is my Google Sketchup design:

The top hook keeps the end of the rubber hose located in a position where any leakage will fall down in a prescribed path.  The bottom of the grease holder acts as a drip pan to keep leakage off the floor. I designed it to be wall mounted.

Here is a photo of the finished grease gun holder mounted to the wall of my garage. I included a wood dowel in the drip pan area to hold the straight piece adaptor for the grease gun:

Time will tell if my design is effective at containing the grease to the build in drip pan on the bottom of the holder.





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