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Scroll saw puzzle for grand-daughter

My grandkids love to play with my scroll sawn puzzles.  I decided to make one with my grand-daughter's name on it.  I used Sketchup to design it.  I used Cooper font in Sketchup with 2.5 inch tall letters.    It is 7 x 14.5 inches, 3/4" thick pine.

Process Change

On the last scroll saw puzzle I made with a name on it...........I was not happy with the process.  So I am using a different process on this one.

  1. Saw out blank, round corners.

  2. White primer on both sides, speed drying in oven for 10 minute cycles at 120F

  3. Blue masking tape a border on back, paint grey, oven dry.

  4. Yellow finish paint, oven dry. Used left over old City Hall paint.

  5. paint 2 horizontal lines and letters. Use blue masking tape. Oven dry.

  6. Scroll saw out the puzzle using #5 bit since wood is dry.  After a couple of days it should expand to the equivalent of a #4 blade fit.
        Cover top with blue masking tape.  White Elmer's glue on the paper pattern from Sketchup, Scroll saw. Remove tape.

  7. Drum sand edges of pieces........on the bottoms.