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Fretwork Wheelbarrow

The Spring 2012 issue of Scroll Saw magazine has a pattern titled Fretwork Wheelbarrow.


 I decided to use red oak and to make two of these wheelbarrows.

The first job was to make the relatively 1/8" thick stock required for this project.

I resawed 3/4"thick red oak on the table saw and finished the resawing on the band saw. I then used the rotary planer on the drill press to take the stock down to 1/8" thickness.  My old Sears 12" planer will only plane down to 3/16" thickness.

 I used the blue painter's masking tape to contain 4 pieces for the sides in one bundle.





 I used rubber bands to apply pressure while gluing up the wheelbarrows:



 And here are the completed fretwork wheelbarrows:




 Closing Thoughts;

 The most difficult part of this project was preparing the 1/8" thick red oak wood. If you scroll the tab holes to 1/8" thickness, then the pieces with tabs just be the same 1/8" thickness.





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