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Fort Dearborn Massacre

Back in 1812, The Massacre at Fort Dearborn (Chicago) occurred. The fort commander told the local Indians they were abandoning the Fort. The small group did not even get 1.5 miles from the fort, when they were attacked by the Indians. Soldiers, women, and children were killed or taking captive. From wikipedia...

The battle lasted about 15 minutes, after which Heald and the surviving soldiers withdrew to an area of elevated ground in the prairie. They then surrendered to the Indians who took them as prisoners to their camp near Fort Dearborn.[1] In his report Heald detailed the American loss at 26 regulars, all 12 of the militia, two women and twelve children killed, with the other 28 regulars, seven women, and six children taken prisoner.[1]

There is a free ebook which is well written and weaves a story into this Massacre. I don't know if the story is true or not, but the general history is correct. You can get the free ebook here...........

Indian hostilities and the presence of Indians probably delayed the settlement of Livingston County until most of the Indians were removed in 1832.











 If you are in downtown Chicago, you can see these markers in the sidewalk, showing where Fort Dearborn used to be........








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