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Flower Inlay Boxes

After I finished the Ladybug boxes, I had a big stack of red Padauk oval pieces left over. I decided to not throw these away, but instead design up a smaller inlay box design.

The Ladybug pattern is too big to fit on the smaller box design, so I chose a simple inlayed flower design.  I designed the maximum size oval shape Padauk sides for the new boxes using Sketchup:

I used the same inlay techniques to make these smaller boxes.........that I used on the Ladybug boxes.

Here is the first smaller box top that I made.......




Below is picture of cutting out one of the little round black ebony inlays......


Sanding the ID of the boxes.........

Sanding the OD of the boxes......


I knicked my finger on the big 3" OD drum sander, be careful!

Lots of pieces to make and clamp up!!!!!



All sanded and ready for varnishing........

 Completed Inlay Flower Boxes




Closing Thoughts:

I don't know why, but the scroll saw angle for cutting the small ebony diameter needs to be about 1/2 of the angle for scroll sawing the flower, but it does. Maybe because the ebony is so much harder and the blade deflects more than when sawing maple.

I buy my maple at Menards. If you want the lightest color maple possible, be careful when you buy the boards to select the lightest color.  At Menards, there is usually the full range from very light to very dark.

The small flower inlay boxes turned out very nice, and should make nice Christmas gifts for the ladies.






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