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February 2017 Mural Frames

I am going to add two more historic murals to the Steidinger Tire storage building on Main Street in Fairbury.  I needed to make 2 more pressure-treated mural frames.

I buy Select grade deck boards from Lowes, which are 1" thick, then plane them down to 3/4" thickness for the frames.  These Select grade boards have very few knots, which is what you want to make frames with.  The frames are roughly 92" wide by 40" high.

I route a 1 inch wide groove 3/16" thick, for the printed mural to slip into. The mural is about 3/16" thick, a decal printed on an aluminum panel.  The printer temporarily tapes the mural to my frame in back, then I lift the mural onto the wall and screw the wood frame to the building.