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Bookcase for Echoes Museum in Oct 2021

I was asked to build a skinny bookcase for the Fairbury museum.

Materials and finish

I used common pine, 1x4's for this bookcase. The back is 3/16" Luan plywood.

I used Zar Cherry stain, followed by 1 coat of amber Shellac.

Clamping  up 1x4 pine to make larger boards

Used Merlin clamp on the base

Making the base

I decided to attach the horizontal piece to the base using steel table top fasteners in a groove.  I made the horizontal piece a hair oversize so I could flush trim route it to exactly match the base.

Finished Project

Closing thoughts on this project

This was a fun and quick project............compared to building the 1850 Period Correct bookcase !!   I screwed the new bookcasee to the old one, to make it sturdy and less likely to tip outwards.