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Drying Rack for Wood Models and Toys

On my projects, I apply 2 coats of polyurethane, which means I have to dry the parts two times. Until now, I used a cobbled up drying rack consisting of my small vice (with a red box of nails for weight) and a C-clamp as shown below:


I decided to build a wood drying rack.........after-all..... I am a woodworker!!

Here is my Google Sketchup model of the drying rack:

I am using 3/8" wide tenon joints. Fortunately, the Google sketchup 3D library had steel hook already drawn, so I downloaded and use the hook in my model.  Each piece to be dried will be attached by wire to the steel hooks.

After some further thought, I decided if I am going to build this, I might as well as double the capacity for hanging pieces. I also reduced the tenons from 3/8" to 1/4" because with 3/8" you only have 3/16" left on the mortise sides to hold the tenon.

Here is photo of new drying rack glued up:

And here is here is the finished drying rack:

Closing Thoughts on This Project:

This was kind of a fun project to build. Hopefully, this rack will dry all of my parts from future projects just fine.





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